Directions for uploading your new  Flip Book:

• Copy and paste the code to the right into your own HTML page.

• Upload the following 4 files to your server:

  • The .swf file ("MyFlipBook.swf")
  • The "Book_Images" folder (it contains your custom images!)
  • The "Config.html" file (This is important. It contains code that your .swf file needs)
  • Your own HTML page containing the code to the right.

Friends Need to stay together
(They're friends. They need to stay together!)


If you don't have an FTP program to upload files with, check out:
Transmit by Panic Software for Mac users, or
CuteFTP by GlobalScape for Windows Users.

FTP software makes it easy to upload images to your web server. Just click and drag files from your desktop to your server!

Check out for more tips and tricks!

Copy and paste this code into your own HTML page:



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