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CSS Shenandoah


Thomas Evans was born in Wales and before 1865 he had migrated to Australia and made his home in the community of Williamstown in Melbourne, Victoria. Like a number of others, upon learning that the Confederate Cruiser, the “CSS Shenandoah”, had dropped anchor in Port Phillip Bay, off Melbourne on January 25, 1865, he quickly sold all of his personal belongings and proceeded to go aboard the “CSS Shenandoah”, on the night of Friday, February 17, 1865; even though it had been prohibited by local officials.  Once the “CSS Shenandoah” had weighed anchor and moved out of Australian waters, Thomas proceeded to sign aboard the Cruiser as an able bodied seaman shipped aboard the cruiser as seaman at the rate of $29.10; on February 18th, 1865, placing his mark beside his name.  On September 2, 1865, records reveal Thomas was “sent to the mast head”, for fighting with fellow crew member named Peter Raymond.

The “CSS Shenandoah” was surrendered November 6, 1865 to British Captain Paynter, commanding her Majesty’s ship “Donegal, in Liverpool, England.

Thomas Evans died on -----


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