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CSS Shenandoah 

James A. Exshaw was born in Ireland and migrated to Melbourne, Victoria. After arriving in Melbourne and establishing his home there, he learned that the Confederate Cruiser, the “CSS Shenandoah” had sailed into Port Phillip Bay off Melbourne, on January 25, 1865; seeking to replenish her supplies and looking for new crew members. Exshaw openly voiced his desire to join the crew of the “Shenandoah” and sail with her when she departed; even though Melbourne authorities at the urging of the U.S. Consulate, had made it clear that no one in Australia was to be allowed aboard the “Shenandoah” while she was in port.

On the night of February 17th, 1865, Exshaw quietly slipped aboard the “CSS Shenandoah” and with the aid of its crewmembers stowed away out of sight. He remained there until the “Shenandoah” left Melbourne and made her way to the open sea, out of Australian waters. Exshaw then came out of hiding and by making his mark against his name for a rate of $18.00, he was officially inducted as a Private into  the Confederate States Marine Corps; one of the ‘fighting men’

Later Exshaw was rated as purser’s steward; the officer in charge of money matters on board, such as paying the crewmembers. He was also one of the signatories who expressed confidence in the command of Lieutenant James I. Waddell in a petition dated September 1865. 


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