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Phillip Ferguson Jones was supposedly born in 1799, and served as a Supply Agent for the Confederate States of America during the “War Between the States”. He migrated to and arrived in Melbourne, Australia aboard the ship “Una”; in February 1853, prior to the outbreak of the American war. On the age listing of the ships registry Jones was simply listed as “A for Adult – Cabin Passenger – Gentleman”.

Little is known of the life of Jones, except that he married Jane Titterton in 1859 and lived in Australia for thirty-five years; until he died in East Brighton in 1888 at the age of 89 years

It is not known why Jones served as an agent for the Confederacy, but he must have had a connection there somewhere.

It is thought Phillip Jones’ parents may have been James and Ann Jones; but there is no conclusive proof of that supposition.


Barry Crompton, ACWRTA

Fiche B030 page 007, (8603)


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