[Those descendants of valiant Confederate soldiers presently known]





Berry, Lorna Victoria, Australia Charles Harrison Bristol

2nd Connecticut Infantry

Denham, Maureen Victoria, Australia Charles Harrison Bristol

2nd Connecticut Infantry

Smith, Freda Victoria, Australia Charles Harrison Bristol

2nd Connecticut Infantry

Walker, Margaret Victoria, Australia Charles Harrison Bristol

2nd Connecticut Infantry




Mr. Terry Foenander is a talented researcher, but tends to be somewhat self centered and does not always give all the facts. He has represented many 'facts' about myself and the acwv.info website and researchers that simply are not true. He claims because he and others 'first' researched Australian veterans they have exclusive rights and copyright ownership to all information, even from the original sources they used as well as from any archival sources; which of course can't be done. The acwv.info website acquired its information from "original" sources, not from anywhere else. Originally Mr. Foenander also exchanged information until he learned my research was to be placed on a website free for everyone to use, and that 'oral histories' from families was also going to be included. To this he violently objected. No one is perfect and when mistakes I make are discovered, they were and are corrected; but Mr. Foenander has always refused to provide 'any' proof of mistakes. He only criticises, slanders and raves.

The first individual in Australia to research American Civil War Veterans who were buried in Australia, as Australians, appears to have been Mr. Roy Warren Parker; an American livening in New South Wales at the time. Roy Warren Parker, a member of the 22nd Bombardment Group during World War II, was based at Amberley Field in Queensland, Australia where he met and married his wife and after returning to Australia, discovered that during World War II American soldiers killed in action, or those who died in Australian hospitals, were buried in the Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney, Australia. He also stumbled across a very old headstone, which was identified as the burial of an American Civil War soldier; and thus began his research. He was an astute researcher and did much to enhance Australian history relating to the Civil War veterans and was responsible for many headstones being placed on Civil War veteran’s graves in his locality; where none had been before. Mr. Parker was aided in his research by several other individuals, led by Mr. Barry Crompton, and included Len Traynor, Terry Foenander and others. After his death much of his research was donated to the Royal Australian Historical Society Library and in 2000 some of his research was compiled into a book, entitled “Civil War Veterans Buried in Australia”, and published by his daughter, Mrs. Virginia Crocker. Mr. Parker is considered the first and foremost researcher in Australia on the subject and is considered by his followers to be only authoritative source. From all indications the majority of his research was derived from U.S. Pension files in the U.S. Consoler’s office; birth, marriage and death records in Australia; descendants he uncovered; Australian Family History Groups and the National Archives in Washington, D.C.


Being a Civil War descendant myself and having been involved as a researcher who collaborated with the Florida Division of Archives and History in Florida for some thirty years, while serving as founder of the Florida Historical Research Foundation and as an Associate Curator of History for the Hillsborough County and Frostproof Museums, I began my own research into Civil War veterans buried in Australia. Seeing that little had been done to bring the information to the attention of the Australian public at large or to publicly insure they were not forgotten, I began building the Australian Memorial Website.  Acquiring information from where ever I could get it.  I eventually learned of the book on the subject, but was many months in acquiring a copy. Reading through it and making notes, I added to my already complied list of sources to contact, towns to investigate and groups to contact. During that time I was in contact with both Mr. Barry Crompton and Mr. Terry Foenander and exchanged information with both; offering to share any research I came up with, with anyone wanting it.


On the website there was an in-depth memorial page dedicated to Mr. Roy Parker and his work, a biography prepared by Mr. Barry Crompton on himself for his contributions to Civil War research in Australia and a picture and advertising on the Parker publication; encouraging viewers to purchase a copy of the original book.


It was not until I began compiling and documenting “oral history” of families and communities, especially on one Edward Mosby a 'supposed' Confederate veteran, that problems began. Mr. Terry Foenander insisted that “oral history” was nothing more than homespun tales made up by family members to enhance their ancestors memory and had no factual base or importance; and he insisted I discard it and not include the information provided. I explained that in the United States “oral history” is highly sought after, as it is in Australia, and is recorded and preserved. Oral history is the basis for many histories as we know them today, from the Holy Bible to war stories of the Civil War, World War I and World War II. So I included the oral history, as “oral history”, explaining both sides of the controversy.


From my refusal to totally disregard oral history, Mr. Foenander began a long lasting and on-going in-depth character assassination of me, my wife and my work, accusing me of plagiarism, the copying of information directly from the Roy Parker publication and from his small website pages; making claims I could have gotten it no where else and that I “had made a claim that I was actually a veteran of World War II; when I was in fact only born in 1939”; which is simply a lie. My 'father', James F. Gray was a military munitions guard on ships in California and at a young age I lived there with him.  “Simply Australia”, who Mr. Foenander claims I made such a claim to, has assured me, in writing, that they HAVE NEVER TOLD HIM I made such a claim; which he claims.


The harassments by emails, on the internet and to newspapers became so bad that my wife, friends and anyone who assisted me were also included in the harassment. It got so bad my wife was under a doctor’s care for stress and almost had a nervous breakdown. Even Dr. Jack Ford, an historical officer for the City of Brisbane was threatened with a lawsuit, until his attorney put a stop to it. Then Mr. Crompton also began using his American Civil War Round Table of Australia newsletter to attack me, and I was requested by Mr. Crompton and Mr. Foenander to delete any mention of themselves, their contributions, Mr. Parker, his research or his publication from the website; which I did.  On several occasions I was threatened with lawsuits and worse.


Their claims however, are baseless and unfounded, as all the information on the website came from information emailed or posted to me by individuals throughout Australia, the United States, Europe, Denmark, Sweden and other countries; from the National Archives and libraries in the United States, Australia and European countries; from books and documentations of early Civil War researchers; from Australian Family History Groups, cemeteries and newspapers and from descendants who personally sent me information on their ancestors; some from the same people they had contacted. As such, much information appearing on the Australian Memorial Website will invariably also be found in the Parker publication, as it all came from the same “original sources”.  On the website, however, you will find an abundance of information not found in the Parker publication or any where else and all sources are noted.


Unlike those that accuse me of mistakes and worse, I choose not to arbitrarily make myself the final judge of what you the reader must read or accept; I present the information made available to me either from documented sources or “oral” sources as it is presented, so that you have available the entire story; not just a researchers version of it.

On occasions I have personally asked both Mr. Crompton and Mr. Foenander about specific veterans and information passed on to me and have always been refused. When I have found errors or mistakes, though, and have documentation to prove it, I have always corrected the mistakes and eliminated any veteran that was proven not to be a veteran; mistakes that could have been avoided if there had been cooperation between researchers. Unlike some, all my information is fully sourced and is available free on the website for anyone to copy and use.


I would hope that in the future all researchers would work in a spirit of cooperation with the preservation and distribution of Australian history in mind, rather than attacking each other and sequestering information that should be made available to everyone.


James Gray


    American Civil War Veterans of Australia and New Zealand
    American Civil War Veterans of Australia and New Zealand
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You got a Maori name wrong in Wareham's story. I think it should be
> Tirimoana not Tiromona. I used to live in Eastbourne and have been to
> some of his pubs so it is  a small world. Wish I had known it at the
> time. At the bottom of Plimmers Steps they recently discoverd an old
> ship that was a floating warehouse. It has been preserved where it lay
> and covered with glass, you walk over it and look down at the timbers.
> He would have been involved with Plimmer and known that ship. There
> will be pictures of him because all the landlords of pubs had pictures
> taken in front of their hotel with the staff. The National Library is a
> good place to start.
His place of birth is thought to have been in the state of New Jersey, (OLD ONE)
His place of birth is thought to have been in the state of New Jersey, but was in reality the city of Philadelphia. Census records reveal he lived across the river from New Jersey; near Philadelphia.
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